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English Courses in Limburg English training in Limburg and the Euregio: the heart of Europe. Euregio English was set up in January 2003 to provide specialized in-company English training within the Euregio. Our motto, "Communicating across borders" refers not only to the linguistically and culturally diverse Euregio, but also expresses our aim to build English communication skills and not just grammar, structure and vocabulary.
Professional partners not students We consider our clients as professional partners. Training doesn't have to mean going 'back to school' in the classical sense. We specialize in practical adult education and encourage everybody at all levels to bring their experience into the training room. Real interchange and communication support the coaching and help to build the foundation for true learning. This is a two- way partnership linking our English language coaching experience to your business needs.
Improve your skills You can start to build your skills with as little as 1,5 hours training a week. Course objectives are set for each client or group and the materials and approach are adapted accordingly. Motivation is an important factor during courses and we strive to create a relaxed and fun yet professional atmosphere in which to learn. In addition, there is regular contact with all our clients via e-mail and our e-magazine during the training both to encourage communication and keep motivation high.
E- Learning: accumulated learning Since 2003 we have built up an archive of e-exercises based on the many pitfalls for Dutch speakers of English. These exercises are based on our experience during training sessions, so by doing them you are learning from your colleagues who have gone through the same difficulties before you. That's why we call it accumulated learning. The exercises can be done in your browser, so there is no software to install. They are fun, easy to use and self-correcting.
Many Happy Returns! We are proud that many of our clients return to do follow-up courses. Some of those who are more advanced have ongoing accounts and schedule a session every 2 or 3 weeks to maintain their level or brush it up before a meeting or presentation. Return clients are our stimulus to reach deeper and develop more customized courses. This has produced a depth to our coaching that newcomers can also benefit from.
Start-up procedure Following a request for training an in-take is organized to assess English level and training objectives. A proposal is made based on these results. Once accepted a schedule is drawn up and training can begin. Typically a course lasts 10 sessions and upon completition an evaluation of the training is made and a diploma awarded recognizing the language level.
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