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All courses are available for individuals or groups and supported by text-based materials and specifically chosen e-learning exercises. These are available via the login on this site and can be done directly in your internet browser without having to install any software.

English foundation course speaking skills English workshops English maintenance E-helpdesk business writing courses
English Foundation Course Ideal for beginners (level 1 Breakthrough and level 2 Waystage). This course builds the basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to form a solid grammatical foundation upon which to advance further. At least 1 session of 2 hours is recommended each week. A standard course consists of 40 contact hours.
Business Speaking Skills Speaking skills courses focus on meaningful communication and interaction. They are aimed at level 3, Threshold and above. Attention is paid to grammatical accuracy, appropriate vocabulary usage, fluency and spontaneity in the language. Courses can be adapted to focus on various fields of business e.g. finance, maintenance, human resources, logistics. Language for specific tasks such as telephoning, giving presentations, meetings, negotiating etc. is also covered as necessary. A standard speaking skills course consists of 20 contact hours.
English Workshops Workshops offer the chance for trainees to work through problems, discuss and interact in the presence of a trainer, but without his or her lead. The trainer works as a monitor, providing feedback and follow-up work. This approach is very useful for business people wishing to combine work and language training in a very practical manner. Ideal for Level 4, vantage and above.
English Maintenance Aimed at level 3 Threshold and above. This formula consists of 20 hours to be scheduled as needed. Ideally, English maintenance follows on from speaking skills sessions This approach can be particularly useful for people with a busy schedule who need to maintain their level of English for meetings, negotiations presentation, correcting documents etc.
E-Helpdesk Ideal for people who regularly need to write e-mails, letters, reports at work. Short texts or specific problems are e-mailed to a trainer who returns them with appropriate comments in the shortest possible time. This option can be combined with other courses to provide practical on the job support.
Business Writing Courses Writing courses are available from Threshold level and above. They focus on correct use of grammar, vocabulary usage, style of writing, levels of formality, standard expressions and translation pitfalls. The course content is adapted according to the needs of the trainees.
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